October 07, 2015

Dynamo Primer - Update

First Edition V1.2 of the Dynamo Primer is now available. There are now nine chapters in the primer. Geometry for Computational Design, Designing with Lists, Code Blocks and Dynamo Language, Dynamo for Revit and an Appendix have been added to the four chapters that were in First Edition V1.0. (I suppose there was a V1.1; if so, I missed it.)

Autodesk Answer Days - Revit - TODAY!

In a little over an hour from the time I write this, Revit® and Revit LTᵀᴹ users can ask questions about their software directly to the Autodesk developers and support team. Head over to the Revit Answer Day site and ask your question, or check out what other people are asking and the answers they are getting.

UPDATE: Here is a direct link to the Revit Answer Day forum. It is now open.