December 28, 2005

Schedule Basics Brain Dump for 2006

Matt Dillon posted a tutorial on Schedule Basics to the AutoCAD Architectural Desktop Release 2 Discussion Group over six years ago, when Release 2 was new. Chris Yanchar included the text of that post in his Brain Dump collection [number 13, if you are counting]. I had recently posted the text of that Brain Dump, along with another by Matt, number 15 on creating custom Schedule Tags, in response to a thread in the Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2005 Discussion Group, where I was reminded that things have changed a bit since Release 2. The directions in the original tutorial could no longer be followed verbatim, and while the original poster in the 2005 thread managed to work out how to do things in the current interface, it occurred to me that an update of the tutorial to match the current release was in order. I got my start in understanding the scheduling feature in ADT using Matt's tutorial [thanks again, Matt!] and I imagine quite a few others have done so.

I have taken the liberty of updating the tutorial for ADT 2006, editing the instructions to conform to the 2006 interface, and adding a liberal helping of screen captures. The ADT 2004 Brain Dumps [see this article for links] raised expectations on the graphic quality of Brain Dumps - which, in fairness to the originals, were mostly posts to the Discussion Groups and had no way to incorporate graphics. The updated tutorial can be found in the ZIP file attached to the first post in this thread in the Autodesk Architectural Desktop Content Discussion Group. The ZIP file contains the revised tutorial in two formats: DWF and PDF.

I was planning to update the Schedule Tag tutorial, but given that the following have already been made available, reworking Matt's ADT 2 tutorial seems redundant. Check out these articles on creating Schedule Tags in ADT 2006:

ADT 2006 Tags Illustrated - in this blog
Creating Custom Object Tags in ADT 2006 - in Matt Dillon's blog
Create Custom Tags in Architectural Desktop, the Easy Way - CAD Digest article by Peter Gehring of Synergis

Remember - if you can schedule circles, you can schedule anything!

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