January 03, 2005

Reference Sources for Architectural Desktop

I find myself providing these links in the Autodesk Architectural Desktop Discussion Groups on a regular basis, and thought I would post them here for easy reference. Take note of the ADT version associated with each item. Many of the older items are still quite relevant - some directly, others conceptually - but obviously they would not include information on features added to releases after they were written.

The Brain Dumps
Chris Yanchar started collecting these back when he was a "civilian" and posted them to his website. The collection has now moved to his blog, where he notes the version of ADT current when each Brain Dump was written. His blog is also an excellent source for news and information related to ADT.

Architectural Desktop 1 Brain Dumps
Philosophical Brain Dump on ADT, James Awe
Wall Information & Examples, Chad Ames
The ADT Display System, James Awe
Section Information & Examples, Chad Ames
Layering & DisplayProps, James Awe
Mass Elements, Marc Schindewolf
Basic Object-Oriented Design as A Means to Understanding ADT, James Awe

Architectural Desktop 2 Brain Dumps
The ADT User Interface, James Awe
Philosophy of ADT, Part 2, James Awe
Wall Cleanup Information, Chad Ames
Display Control Revealed, Matt Dillon
Layer Standards, Key Styles, and Overrides, De-Mystified, Matt Dillon
Schedule Basics, Matt Dillon
Creating Custom Automatic Schedule Tags, Matt Dillon

Architectural Desktop 3 Brain Dumps
MTEXT Formatting Codes in Schedule Tags & Multi-View Blocks, Scott Arvin
Areas, Siggi Pfundt

Architectural Desktop 2004 Brain Dumps
The ADT 2004 User Interface, Mark Webb
Tools and Content Browser, Mark Webb
Property Data Enhancements, Scott Arvin
Drawing Management, Paul McArdle
Tool Catalogs for CADConnoisseurs, David Driver

An Additional 2004 Source
ADT AutoLISP Functions for Layers, Mark Webb [last post in thread]
Note: For ADT 2005, the ARX file is AecLMgrLISP45.arx

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David Koch said...

Thanks, Mark, for the tip. That will come in handy when the next version is released.