May 15, 2009

AutoCAD® Architecture 2010 - UI Changes, Part 3.6 - Fixing Context Menu Paste Commands

Thanks to a heads up from Kitetsu07 in this thread in the AutoCAD® Architecture Discussion Group, I can pass on this CUI adjustment to get Paste to Original Coordinates and Paste as Block on the right-click context menu to work in the 2010 release. There is a stray "&" character in the Display Name of these context menu options that results in them being grayed out.
Open up the Customize User Interface dialog (type CUI at the Command prompt, or find it on the Ribbon on the Manage tab, Customization panel), and in the upper left area, under the ACA customization file node, expand Shortcut Menus > Context menu for edit mode > Clipboard. Select the Paste to Original Coordinates item and, in the Properties area (lower right area), delete the "&" in front of "Original" in the Name property under the Display node.
Do the same for the Paste as Block Ctrl+Shift+V item, removing the "&" from between the "B" and "l" of "Block" in the Name property under the Display node.You do, of course, have to have content on the Clipboard that AutoCAD Architecture can paste into a drawing for the Paste as Block option to be active and you need to be in a drawing other than the source file of the objects copied for the Paste to Original Coordinates option to be active. If you would prefer to avoid editing the CUI, you can still type the commands (PASTEORIG or PASTEBLOCK) or use the Ribbon, Home > Modify > Paste flyout on Modify flyout, as shown below.I would rather take the time to fix the CUI, than waste way more than that surfing the Ribbon for these paste options.


Pedro Aroso said...


Here's something that I found:
1. Following your instructions did fix the problem with "Paste as a block".
2. With "Paste to original coordinates" the problem persists.
3. I did open ACA 2009 and notice that both commands are also written in the same wrong way, so I decided to correct them.
4. "Past to original coordinates" doesn't work anymore in ACA2009.

Here's the good news: Now it works fine in 2010!!!

Simi Sreedharan said...

I was struggling here with this problem. I was about to uninstall AutoCAD 2010 and get back 2007, just when i found this blog! Thanks a TON!!

AlanM said...

Can you advise how to fix the same problem but in AutoCAD LT 2010 - I do not appear to have the same cui settings and am unable to locate the area you describe

David Koch said...

I have never used AutoCAD LT and do not have access to any version of it, so I am afraid that I am unable to offer any assistance.

Nathan Ellery said...

Thanks tons for this David. Don't know why it's still not fixed in 13 release but I use this a lot and it drove me crazy until I saw your article.

Nathan Ellery said...

David, what is wrong with these people???? This is still not fixed in ACA2015! Do you have any inside sway with I believe it would be Bill who is overseeing the updates. I can't believe I am still fixing this up several versions and years later. I always come back to your blog with each new release to fix it up as well as the occasions when I have to reinstall. I suspect it' been fixed in Acad for years but for ACA .... As for Pedro's comment I have never worked it out but it does appear to persist sometimes and work other times. Never slowed to work it out.