January 15, 2006

Door/Window Assembly Frame Depth in Window Schedule

In a thread in the Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2005 Discussion Group, I have posted a sample file that shows how both Windows and Door/Window Assemblies can be included in the same Schedule Table and have a Frame Depth column report values for both, even though Door/Window Assemblies do not have an automatic Frame Depth property. The example uses a style-based manual property to hold the Frame Depth value for the Door/Window Assemblies, and includes a formula property to pass through the appropriate value, depending upon the object type, so that one column can include the automatic property for Windows and the manual property for Door/Window Assemblies.

The thread includes a fairly extensive explanation of the properties I added to the out-of-the-box FrameStyles Property Set Defintion, so I will not repeat the explanation here. Be sure to download the DWADepthInSchedule2.zip attachment from my later post to get the revised Schedule Table that includes the manual DWAFrameDepthUnformatted property.

The sample file also makes use of a custom Classification Defintion called WindowSchedule, which is used to designate which Window and Door/Window Assembly styles are to be included or excluded in the test Window Schedule I added to show the results. By setting the Casement - Frameless Window Style to "NoSchedule", this style, used as an infill for the Door/Window Assemblies, is automatically filtered out of any selection set used for the Schedule Table.

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