January 20, 2006

ADT Scheduling Class Materials Available

In April of 2005, I offered a class through the AUGI Training Program on Scheduling in ADT. The class materials were available for three months after the class concluded. AUGI has changed their archiving policy, and the materials are now available again, here. There is also a link to the class forum that was active while the class was being offered. You may want to look through it and see what discussion took place; there are also some additional example files scattered in the various threads and a "bonus" tutorial on Formula Properties in the "Formula Property Exercise" thread.

The website states that course materials will be available for three months, starting from six months after the conclusion of a course, but materials from January through June, 2005, are currently available. I do not know when older course materials will be removed, so if you are interested, download the materials soon. You do need to become a member of AUGI if you are not already a member in order to have access to the class materials, but membership is free.

If you join, be sure to take advantage of the class currently being offered by John Herridge on "Using Detail Components and Keynoting Effectively" - ATP103. You can register for the course by selecting the Current AUGI Training Program (ATP) Courses link on the AUGI Home page, or by selecting the Education link on the AUGI website, then selecting the AUGI Training Program Link at the left side, and then Current ATP Courses below that.

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