December 10, 2013

ACA: Obtaining the Effective Name of a Dynamic Block in a Formula Property

While Dynamic Blocks and ACA do not always play nicely, there are some who want to take advantage of both Dynamic Blocks and the AutoCAD® Architecture Schedule feature. One challenge is that the Name automatic property source may return an anonymous block name rather than the Dynamic Block name; for example, when a Dynamic Block with a stretch action is stretched. Fortunately, you can obtain the orignal block name from the EffectiveName property of the Dynamic Block instance, in a Formula property, using the the following VBScript code:
set acadApp = GetObject(,"AutoCAD.Application")
set obj = acadApp.ActiveDocument.ObjectIDToObject( [ObjectID] )
RESULT = obj.EffectiveName

The Property Set Definition that includes the Formula property will also need to have a property that references the Object ID automatic property source. In the example code above, this property has the default ObjectID name, and the [ObjectID] text in the formula represents a properly created property reference, created by double-clicking the property name in the Insert Property Definitions box in the lower left of the Formula Property Definition dialog.

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