December 12, 2013

ACA: Formula Property to Determine if a Block Instance is a Dynamic Block

You can use the following code in an AutoCAD® Architecture Formula Property in a Property Set that applies to Block References to determine if the Block Reference is a Dynamic Block.
set acadApp = GetObject(,"AutoCAD.Application")
set obj = acadApp.ActiveDocument.ObjectIDToObject( [ObjectID] )
RESULT = obj.IsDynamicBlock

As in the previous example, [ObjectID] is a properly created property reference to an automatic property in the same Property Set, named ObjectID, which references the Object ID automatic property source. This formula will return a value of TRUE if the block reference is a Dynamic Block and FALSE if the block is a "regular" block. The property can be used as the condition for an IF Statement, if you need another Formula property to take different actions based on whether or not the block reference is a dynamic block.

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