September 28, 2010

ACA 2011 Update 1

Update 1 for AutoCAD® Architecture 2011 is now available, here.

The Readme (be sure to read it, especially the parts on installation and backing up of your custom files) indicates that the following ACA issues have been resolved:

3D Modeling
  • Components whose display has been turned off are shown on converting an AEC object to a 3D Solid.

Curtain Walls
  • Custom model components in a curtain wall may display incorrect material assignments in different display configurations in 3D views.

  • Associative dimensions may not update when walls are moved.

Drawing Management
  • Redefining an existing model space view causes AutoCAD Architecture to crash.

General UI
  • AutoCAD Architecture may crash on launching the Style Manager.

  • Third-party applications based on AutoCAD Architecture cannot access their Help files through the application.

  • Some roofs may change position after executing the IFCEXPORT command.

  • The MATERIALLIST command reports the volume of only the first object in a multiple selection.

  • AutoCAD Architecture may crash while trimming entities.

  • Sometimes memory usage increases when switching back and forth between the tabs of the Properties Palette.

  • A wall with display overrides displays incorrectly when modified in the renovation mode.

  • Creating a horizontal section may cause AutoCAD Architecture to crash.

  • No style information is available in the Properties Palette for a slab created by applying the properties of the Slab tool to linework and walls.

  • Trimming a wall may cause doors and windows in the wall to move or disappear.

  • Walls that clean up correctly in a previous version may not clean up correctly in AutoCAD Architecture 2011.

  • Wall cleanup EIP functions such as Merge, Subtract, Fillet, and Chamfer do not work in a custom UCS.

A number of AutoCAD fixes are also listed in the Readme.

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