May 17, 2010

ACA 2010 Update 2 Now Available

Update 2 for AutoCAD Architecture 2010 (yes, 2010, not 2011) is now available from the Autodesk website. Update 2 includes Update 1, so if you have not yet installed Update 1 (like me), you can just install Update 2.

According to the AutoCAD Architecture 2010 Update 2 Readme, the following defects have been fixed (list includes both Update 1 and Update 2):

AEC Dimensions
Update 1
  • Multiple overlapping windows may lead to incorrect dimensions.

Update 1
  • AutoCAD Architecture might crash when trying to define a Display Theme style using .NET API.

Update 2
  • When a custom block is applied to a door, window, or door-window assembly, the block will be visible even if it is not within the cut plane range.
  • Sometimes, you cannot insert an opening in a wall in a certain cleanup group.

Drawing Management
Update 2
  • AutoCAD Architecture may crash when you repath certain projects with no drawings open.
  • Renaming items in the Project Navigator, and repathing the project may cause AutoCAD Architecture to crash.

Export to AutoCAD
Update 2
  • Export to Autocad sometimes causes AutoCAD Architecture to crash.

External References
Update 1
  • Openings in external references with negative Z value are placed at an incorrect position.
Update 2
  • When you execute UNDO command after binding an external reference, AutoCAD Architecture may become unresponsive.
  • AutoCAD Architecture may crash if you unload an external reference, attach it again, and then execute an UNDO.

Update 2
  • Duplicate openings are created in gbXML output when walls are slightly off from being perpendicular to each other.

General UI
Update 2
  • Checkboxes are not displayed correctly on the Object Snap tab of the Drafting Settings dialog on Windows 7.

Update 1
  • Slabs may have the wrong elevation when imported from an IFC file due to an incorrect thickness offset.
  • Exporting a drawing to IFC may create incorrect IFC GUIDs for AEC objects.
  • Importing IFC files that contain certain material settings may crash.
  • Space exported to IFC have the IFC type of IFCTYPEOBJECT instead of IFCSPACETYPE.
Update 2
  • When you import an IFC file, containing a space that uses a negative value for extrusion, the extrusion is in the wrong direction.
  • Importing an IFC file fails if it contains a 3D vector for True North direction.

Update 1
  • The "New layer from Standard" button doesn't work in localized versions.
  • Layer description fields are not automatically populated in all cases.
Update 2
  • When the Layer Properties Manager is open, opening a drawing sometimes causes AutoCAD Architecture to crash.

Multiview Blocks
Update 2
  • When AutoCAD Architecture and Civil 3D are installed side by side, AutoCAD Architecture crashes on executing MVBLOCKADD command.

Update 1
  • Response is very slow when using Dynamic UCS and objects are Isolated.
Update 2
  • Sometimes, it takes a long time to complete an UNDO after a COPY.

Property Palette
Update 1
  • Changing an entry to one that is the first characters of the previous entry will not work in some fields.

Update 2
  • When you save a drawing to a previous version, sometimes, you are not warned about possible data loss.

Update 1
  • Schedules are not sorted as expected when values are a combination of numeric and alphabetic characters.
Update 2
  • Sometimes, schedule table data is not rounded off as specificed in the property data format.

Update 1
  • Some objects imported from Inventor display as points in 2D Sections.
Update 2
  • When a window or door window assembly is sectioned, some linework may be missing in the section.

Structural Members
Update 1
  • Custom block based on 3D Solids using Boolean operations are always placed at the start point.

Update 2
  • AutoCAD Architecture may crash when a spaced update is triggered for a large number of spaces within an external reference.

Wall Objects
Update 1
  • AutoCAD Architecture might hang when opening certain drawings that contain modified Wall Endcaps.
  • Window openings may not be created due to Wall Plan Modifiers.
  • Using Refedit on a block containing Wall Object may cause a crash.
Update 2
  • When working on a project located on a slow network, the wall and curtain wall tools are slow to respond.
  • Some walls in an external reference display solution tips when the units of the host drawing are different from that of the external reference.
  • AutoCAD Architecture will crash when you delete a component of a wall which is on a locked layer.

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