August 13, 2009

Content Browser i-drop Hotfix Released (Sort Of)

While the Hotfix has not shown up on the official AutoCAD® Architecture Updates & Service Packs page, apparently is has been sent to at least one person who submitted a support claim related to the fact that installing ACA 2010 breaks the ability to directly i-drop a tool from Content Browser into the Workspace in previous releases. Fortunately, that person was Odin Cary, who has posted the files to his ARCHIdigm website, as I learned in this thread in the Autodesk Discussion Groups. Thanks to Odin for making the files available, and thanks to Pedro Aroso for spreading the word.

If you have installed 2010 but still need to run earlier versions to complete projects already underway (as you are permitted to do if you are on subscription) and the breaking of direct i-drop is cramping your style, you may want to get the files from Odin's site, rather than waiting for the link to show up on the Autodesk site.

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