April 10, 2007

Multiple-Line Room Tags

There have been several recent requests for information on creating multi-line room tags in ADT/ACA. I thought I would collect the links I have been posting in a single article here, to make replying to future requests easier and to make certain I do not forget one or more of the resources.

Using Multiple Manual Properties to Enter the Room Name, And Then Combining Them in a Formula Property
This thread contains a sample file of an early version, done in ADT 2004, that supports two-line room names, from June 6, 2003. Download the sample from the file reposted on August 24, 2004.

In this thread, you will find a more clever formula, which supports three lines and could be easily expanded to even more lines, from January 25, 2005. That thread was also discussed in two blog articles, on July 4, 2005 and July 9, 2005.

Using a Single Manual Property to Enter the Room Name with MTEXT Codes, And Then Stripping the MTEXT Codes With a Formula Property
This Autodesk Knowledge Base article contains instructions on how to create a multi-line room tag using this approach.

Using a Single Manual Property [Driven by a List Definition in 2007 or Later], an Index Number and Multiple Formula Properties
Tomaslav Zigo posted this article to his blog showing a way to have a two-line room name tag populated from a single source and split at a user designated place without the need to type in MTEXT codes. This allows the use of List Definitions for the room name [and index] in 2007 and later, contrary to this previous post.

Multi-Line Attributues
Unfortunately, the new multi-line attributes added to AutoCAD® 2008 are not active when incorporated into a view block of a Multi-View Block Schedule Tag in AutoCAD® Architecture 2008. Here is hoping that feature makes its way into next year's release, so that a single attribute that does not need to be repostitioned can display multi-line room names and eliminate the need for fancy formulas.

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