July 04, 2005

Multi-Line Room Name Formula Improvements

The Architectural Desktop 2005 Discussion Group has a thread discussing how to combine the text from a three-line room name tag into one property for a schedule. I had posted a solution using a series of If/Then/Else statements to perform the needed concatenations, and it works. Hats off to "Draftinations", who suggested a more elegant way of performing the concatenation, using an array. It works perfectly for two lines, and works pretty well for three. The only drawback on the three-line version is if you have something entered on the first and third lines and the second line is blank or composed entirely of one or more spaces - you will get at least two spaces in your final string. That is easily avoided by entering the data properly. I posted a sample three-line version using an array to the thread. Perhaps someday I will have time to see if I can write some additional code to replace back-to-back spaces with a single space.

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