July 14, 2005

AUGI CAD Camp Update

Registration is now open for the AUGI CAD Camps in Orange County, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; Columbus, OH; and Toronto, ON.

In addition to these camps noted in a previous blog article

August 16th: Orange County, CA USA (registration open)
August 23rd: Salt Lake City, UT USA (registration open)
August 30th: Toronto, ON Canada (registration open)
September 13th: Paramus, NJ USA (registration opens 7/17)
September 15th: Cleveland, OH USA (registration opens 7/17)
September 27th: Jacksonville, FL USA (registration opens 8/1)
September 29th: Boston, MA USA (registration opens 8/1)

the following dates have also been scheduled:

August 25th: Columbus, OH USA (registration open)
September 22nd: Kansas City, MO USA (registration opens 7/25)
October 18th: Birmingham, AL USA (registration opens 8/22)
October 25th: Denver, CO USA (registration opens 8/29)

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