February 02, 2022

Revit: Controlling the Initial Open/Close State of Worksets When Opening A Model with the Specify Worksets Option

Apologies for the wordy title on this post, but I want to be absolutely clear that I am NOT talking about how to make the Specify option the default option when opening a Revit model (that is covered in this Autodesk Knowledge Network article). I am talking about the open/close state of each Workset in the Opening Worksets dialog once the "Specify" option is used (either by default, or because you chose Specify by selecting the button with the downward pointing triangle icon to the right of the Open button in the Open dialog).

All credit for this goes to MZ1987, who posted this procedure here. I am documenting it in my blog to make it easier for me to find in the future.

  1. Open the model with Specify.
  2. In the Opening Worksets dialog, select all user-created Worksets and choose the Open button. The values in the Opened column should all be Yes.
  3. After the model opens, open the Worksets dialog. Select all of the user-created worksets and select the Editable button. Set the Open/Close state of each Workset to the way you want it to default in the Opening Worksets dialog. [This is the key step.]
  4. Synchronize the model, using the Synchronize and Modify Settings option, NOT Synchronize Now. In the Synchronize with Central dialog, make certain that the User-created Worksets toggle is checked.
Close the model. The next time you, or anyone else, opens the model, they should see each user-created Workset defaulting to the Open/Close state chosen in Step 3. I have not yet experimented with this extensively, since my current goal was to get all Worksets set to Yes. It probably does not matter what the Open/Close state is on opening, just that you make the user-created Worksets editable and then set the desired state at that time, before synchronizing and relinquishing the user-created Worksets. I expect those settings will hold until the next time someone makes an entire Workset editable and also changes the Open/Close state of that Workset, and then synchronizes. So you may have to repeat this when that happens; we typically just borrow elements, rather than make an entire workset editable, so I do not see that being a major issue for my firm.

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