November 10, 2021

Autodesk Docs/BIM 360 Default Hub

Since I provide support to all Revit projects in our office, I am a member of all of the projects hosted on BIM 360. Most of these are on my firm's hub, but we have a number of joint-venture projects or projects where we are a consultant where the project is hosted on another firm's hub. I have long been annoyed that Autodesk has not provided a means to designate a default hub; they seem to set the one that is first alphabetically as the default most of the time, and that is not my firm's hub. It is particularly frustrating when I am in the web portal, on a project on my firm's hub, when Autodesk magically decides I need to sign in again (usually after a period of inactivity, of an apparently random amount of time, but not always) and, after doing so, it not only does not return me to the page I was on, but punts me off onto another firm's hub.

I am not alone in that frustration. I was amused to see one firm recently change the name of their hub, adding an exclamation point ("!") to the front of the name, so that their hub would be first alphabetically. I noticed because suddenly their hub was the new default hub. I suppose now there will be hub naming wars, as everyone else changes their hub's name to get it to sort at the top of the list.

I suppose I should be happy that the renaming did not break my access to that hub.

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