January 21, 2016

AutoLISP: Running TXT2MTXT Separately on Multiple TEXT Objects

Of the Express Tools that have not been incorporated into the main program, the TXT2MTXT command, for converting AutoCAD® TEXT objects to MTEXT objects is one of my most-used. I had a drawing with more than 50 TEXT objects that needed to be converted to individual MTEXT objects. The TXT2MTXT command will allow you to select multiple TEXT objects, but it will convert them all into a single MTEXT object. I could have just run the command once for each TEXT object, but I decided that writing a simple AutoLISP® routine would probably take about the same amount of time as this one use, and then I would have it to speed future, similar uses. Here is the function I devised:
(defun C:MLTPL_TXT2MTXT (  ; No arguments.
    / ;_ Local variables:
    acmde  ; Command echo mode.
    ename  ; Entity name of TEXT object being processed.
    icount  ; Loop counter.
    ss1  ; Selection set of TEXT objects on which to operate.
   ) ;_ End arguments and local variables.
  (setq acmde (getvar "CMDECHO")) ; Command echo mode.
  (setvar "CMDECHO" 0)   ; Turn off command echo.
  (prompt "\nSelect TEXT objects to be converted to MTEXT. ")
  (setq ss1    (ssget '((0 . "TEXT")))
 icount 0   ; Initialize loop counter.
  ) ;_ End setq.
  (cond     ; cond A.
    (ss1    ; If TEXT objects selected, do the following:
     (while (setq ename (ssname ss1 icount))
       ;; While unprocessed TEXT objects remain:
       (command "TXT2MTXT" ename "") ; Process text.
       (setq icount (1+ icount)) ; Increment counter.
     ) ;_ End while.
     (prompt "\nAll selected TEXT has been converted to individual MTEXT objects. ")
    ) ;_ End condition A.1.
       "\nNo TEXT objects selected.  C:MLTPL_TXT2MTXT terminated. "
     ) ;_ End prompt.
    ) ;_ End condition A.2.
  ) ;_ End cond A.
  (setvar "CMDECHO" acmde)  ; Restore previous command echo mode.
  (prin1)    ; Exit quietly.


louie said...

That works perfectly. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Awesome Lisp routine! Thanks for sharing