January 26, 2016

ACA: CREATEHLR Command Precision

The CREATEHLR command in AutoCAD® Architecture can be useful in generating a 2D view, with hidden lines removed, of 3D geometry. (Generating a 2D Elevation is another way; each has its uses.) I spent some time today searching the internet for the system variable that will increase the accuracy of hiding (and shading), as my memory failed to call up the information, and I am posting this to make it easier for me to find in the future.

The HIDEPRECISION System Variable controls whether hiding is calculated using single-precision numbers (when set to 0) or double-precision numbers (when set to 1). Double-precision calculations are more accurate, but require more memory, which can have a significant performance hit, particularly if 3D solids are involved in the hide. The value of HIDEPRECISION is not saved, and is initially set to 0 at the beginning of each AutoCAD session.

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