October 08, 2011

ACA 2012 Service Pack 1 Released

Apparently Autodesk has decided to go back to calling them Service Packs, rather than Updates. Service Pack 1 for AutoCAD Architecture 2012 is now available - download it from here.

Be certain to read the README for installation instructions. According to the README, Service Pack 1 restores the former ARRAY command functionality, in a new command called ARRAYCLASSIC. There is also a new System Variable, SNAPGRIDLEGACY: set this to 1 to have the cursor always snap to the grid (legacy snap behavior); set it to 0 to have it snap to the grid only when AutoCAD has prompted for point input.

The following ACA defects have been addressed:

Drawing Manager
  • Selecting a sheet with a long name may cause unexpected behavior in AutoCAD Architecture.
  • Opening a project with a large number of files in a 64-bit machine may cause AutoCAD Architecture to crash.
  • Space containment does not work on a 64-bit operating system.
Multi-View Block
  • Exporting multi-view blocks to AutoCAD may result in an incorrect size.
  • Some AEC ARX files are loaded when running AutoCAD Architecture with an AutoCAD profile.
  • Renovation function fails when you add a door or window object during renovation mode.
  • Sometimes the renovation toggle remains enabled even after exiting the renovation mode.
  • Building geometry may change after you activate and then disable the live section.
  • Roof or roof cap solid hatch might be displayed in section incompletely.
  • Some merged space area are calculated incorrectly.
  • When the unit area is inconsistent with its unit length, the calculated space area might be inaccurate.
Structural Member
  • Adjusting column grid can cause beams to lose connection with the columns.
  • Adding tags for doors on multiple reference copies may cause unexpected behavior in AutoCAD Architecture.
  • REPOSITIONALONG command does not work for doors and windows.
  • Running the JOIN command on two connected walls may cause unexpected behavior in AutoCAD Architecture.
  • When you offset a wall using another wall with the same direction as the reference, the offset wall may be created in the opposite direction.
  • The Below Cut Plan display component of doors or window may not display.

The following AutoCAD defects have been addressed:

3D Navigation Tools
  • 3DConnexion settings are not being remembered after changes are made.
  • 3Dconnexion device will not cancel the current command.
3D Surface Modeling
  • With dynamic input off dragging the height handle of an extruded line will not always stretch by the value and direction of the drag.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when rebuilding a helix to a spline where the selection was not dropped.
Annotation Scaling
  • AutoCAD may become unstable while attempting to load a DCL file with errors from a long file name.
  • Tooltip does not appear when Additional tool tip string is set in “AcEdInputPointMonitor::monitorInput”.
  • API fix: This fix will respect the custom color, line pattern and line weight when selecting the entities including external reference.
  • Autoloader fails when SeriesMax parameter set to linked.
  • Autoloader loads partial CUI but may not display it when the bundle is removed and reinstalled.
  • When platform="AutoCAD*", bundles will be load on ACAD and Vertical.
  • Using Autoloader to add custom CUI files that contain WPF Custom Controls will not work as it needs a registry entry.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable while snapping to blocks containing OLE objects.
  • Editing attribute text in EATTEDIT dialog sometimes results in a fatal error.
  • When a drawing is saved from within the Block Editor, the entire content of the drawing is sometimes lost and replaced with the content of the block being edited.
  • Sometimes there is a delay while trying to modify blocks containing a Block Table Parameter.
  • AutoCAD becomes unstable when entering the block editor, attempting to edit a dynamic block which has geometry on a locked layer.
  • Sometimes the BEDIT toolbar does not get hidden after exiting block editor.
  • You may receive an error at the command line after enabling a WinTab driver and the tablet will not function.
Display Drivers
  • Integrated chipsets are unable to return available video memory correctly.
  • Arcs and circles viewed on edge appear as a single line. This changes 2D DWF/DWFx drivers to plot them as a single line, rather than a polyline.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when using the "UNDO" command on drawings that are 2 gigabyte or larger.
  • Ordinate dimensions in paper space are not correctly reflecting the distance from paper space UCS.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable while closing a drawing after etransmitting it using the COM API.
  • Autodesk Exchange may display a non-subscription link after updating to a subscription serial number.
  • User login IDs that contained special characters like “@” could not log in to online services.
Express Tools
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when using the NCOPY command.
  • Overkill may delete polylines incorrectly when working with reversed polylines.
  • Overkill may not work well when there is an arc segment in between 2 line segments.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when using the “separate hatch” option.
  • Multi frame QuickBird Tiff image files may not display expected colors.
  • When trying to insert an Adobe Photoshop PSD file it was not visible in the file filter list.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when inserting an AdobePhotoshop PSD file.
  • Changing layer colors of layers beginning with non-alphanumeric characters may result in other layers changing colors.
  • The layer state Ribbon control does not honor the apply properties viewport overrides.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when drawings with multileaders are saved to older versions.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when editing polylines.
  • NCOPY may fail to copy objects contained in blocks that were inserted into paper space.
  • Mtext Paragraph spacing value cannot be edited once a value is set.
  • True Type (TTF) font text or mtext is blurry, bold, and distorted when the viewport is non-orthogonal because XY values are not exactly zero.
OLE (Object Linking & Embedding)
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when copying from an Excel file back to AutoCAD.
  • Cannot open drawing files from file Explorer if the drawing contains a "'%'" in the file name.
  • AutoCAD may stop responding when saving and or opening drawings with Symantec Norton 360 Version 5 installed on your system.
  • You will be unable to open drawings created using a non-Autodesk product when using the Open() API.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when selecting the grid in some drawings.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable after editing MTEXT in a viewport and when exiting the program.
Parametric Drawing
  • Area is wrong when coincident constraints are applied to entities.
PDF Export
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when using PDF Export on files that contain MS Mincho font.
PDF Underlay
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when unloading a PDF underlay.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when an undefined PDF underlay is unloaded.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when plotting drawings that include “MS Mincho” to PDF.
  • Drawings containing many layers may become slower with each pan and zoom operation when the ribbon is active. Performance improvement in 64bit COM APIs.
  • You may experience data loss when sending multiple plots to Xerox printers.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when selecting plot preview.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when using the purge command.
  • The linetype preview may be missing from the linetype dropdown in Ribbon Properties panel when opening drawings from the Application Menu.
  • Ribbon Combo Box text eight may be empty when using "TEXTEDIT" on multiple dimensions.
  • With Snap enabled, the cursor does not move to snap intervals.
  • Turning SNAPGRIDLEGACY ON will restore the old Snap behavior of the cursor when no command is active.
  • Restores legacy SNAP behavior during certain LISP-based selection commands.
Sheet Set Manager
  • Sheet List Table Context menu in Sheet Set Manager (SSM) is missing some menu items.
  • Cell style is grayed out when picking inside any cell.
  • The data link menu is grayed out after inserting a data link in a table.
UI Enhancements
  • AutoCAD may become unstable attempting to edit a polyline vertices Pedit tangent.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable in group selection where the group contains a box.
  • When objects are on locked layers you are able to nudge them.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when interacting with the ViewCube while grip editing.
  • When right click menus are disabled, selection or crossing right click actions are incorrect.
Visual Basic for Application
  • AcFocusCtrl cannot be inserted in a VBA form.
Visual Lisp
  • Attribute dialog will be displayed when inserting a block with attributes based on the setvar ATTDIA value.
Visual Styles
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when using osnap in a 2d hide view.
External Reference
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when interacting between the open dialog and the XREF manager.
  • AutoCAD may become unstable when zooming over the XY indicator in Layout.


Bill McLamb said...

You would have thought that Adesk would have named it CLASSICARRAY like the other commands with the word 'classic' in their names, however the command is ARRAYCLASSIC

David Koch said...

Thanks for catching that, Bill. I must have been especially dislexic when I was writing the article. I have fixed the command name.