August 17, 2011

Autodesk University 2011 Course Catalog

The class catalog is out for Autodesk University 2011.

Anyone still wondering where Autodesk's priorities lie may want to consider that setting Autodesk Revit Architecture as the Software and leaving all other filters set to All (or, for Keywords, blank) returns 137 hits.

Doing the same for AutoCAD Architecture returns 22 hits. Of those 22 hits, a number are actually Revit Architecture classes incorrectly classified or are about making the transition from ACA to RA. Two are AMEP classes. Quite a few others are about some other topic but mysteriously list AutoCAD Architecture as the software.

So ACA actually only has one hands-on lab and four lectures (one of which mentions ACA in the title but lists Navisworks as the primary software). Yet somehow they managed to set up the schedule such that there are two time conflicts, so at most you could take three ACA-related classes. Hardly worth the cab fare from the airport.

No doubt there are misclassifications in the 137 hits for Revit Architecture, and there are unconference and virtual classes in there too, but I bet you can fill just about every class slot with something related to Revit Architecture.

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