January 05, 2011

Revisions and Dependent Views in Revit

I came across an issue related to my previous post on Revision Clouds and Dependent Views in Revit® Architecture. The floors on my project are shown in three sectors on three separate sheets at 1/4" = 1'-0", and I had a relatively small change to make within a single room in the middle or "B" sector that happened to be right next to the match line separating it from Sector "C" on my project. Due to the floor geometry, the match line is neither straight nor parallel to the dependent view cropping boundary, and at the revised area, a good deal of the room in which the change was made appears on the Sector "C" sheet as well.

I had made the change, clouded it and reissued the Sector "B" sheet without giving any thought to the Sector "C" sheet. Some time later, I opened the Sector "C" sheet and was checking to see if the revisions on it agreed with the plot in my half-size set and was surprised to find that an additional revision was listed. I quickly determined that the revision was for the change that I had documented in Sector "B" and that the reason it showed up was because the revision cloud, as I had drawn it, ended up being entirely within the annotation crop boundary for the dependent view shown on the Sector "C" sheet. That annotation crop boundary was a substantial distance beyond the model crop boundary, at what I believe was the initial default location.

Since the revision was generated by the revision cloud, there was no way to manually remove it from the list of revisions on the Sector "C" sheet. In order to remove the revision from the Sector "C" sheet, I edited the annotation crop boundary, dragging it as tight to the model crop boundary as possible, and then modified the revision cloud so that part of it extended beyond the annotation crop boundary. As noted in the previous post, once the revision cloud was not entirely within the Sector "C" annotation crop boundary, it no longer showed up in the Sector "C" dependent view and the revision no longer showed on the Sector "C" sheet, and I was good to go.

Modifying the annotation crop boundary caused a few annotation objects that had previously showed on the Sector "C" sheet to disappear, but these were all beyond the match line and still show on the Sector "B" sheet. I will need to remember to edit the annotation crop boundaries that are beyond a match line from the default location on future projects, and to keep in mind where those annotation crop boundaries are when placing future revision clouds in the vicinity of match lines.


Steve Bumbalough said...

David, do you have an article that does a comparison, pros/cons between Revit and ACA?

David Koch said...

No, I do not. I do not consider myself sufficiently expert at Revit at this time to be able to undertake such an article.