January 10, 2011

Old AUGI Forums Restored

The pre-December 2010 AUGI Forums are back on line and ready to receive new posts, at http://forums.augi.com/. This is being described as a "beta", as there are still additional changes to be make to incorporate previous customizations into the more recent version of vBulletin that is now being used (where such customizations are deemed worthy of keeping, of course).

At this time, if you log into the main AUGI site and choose the Forums link, you will need to click on the http://forums.augi.com/ link to get to the new forums. The old ExpressionEngine forums are now read only, but can be viewed (separately) for reference. At some point in the future, those posts are to be merged into the vBulletin forums.

The archived AUGI Training Program (ATP) classes are also available again. You can navigate to the archived course material download pages from the Education link on the main AUGI site.

If you experience problems logging in to the site or accessing the old forums, try logging out of the site and deleting your AUGI cookies. When you then log in again, new cookies should be generated that will get you in to both sites.

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