November 13, 2009

Best Error Dialogs Ever!

We migrated our project to Revit Architecture 2010 this week, for reasons too boring to relate here. Our computers, however, remain the same, and what in 2009 was a relatively infrequent out-of-memory error situation has become a multiple-times-a-day nightmare. Add that to the even more frequent loss of the floating network license and this week has been a real treat. (Thankfully, the transit strike was settled early Monday morning, so I have not been walking six miles each way this week.)

Even under the stress of trying to get a progress printing done today, I could not help but laugh at this incredibly helpful error dialog that appeared on my computer today.
I thought I had seen it all until this beauty came up.
You really have to admire the efficiency with which it fails to communicate what the problem is. At least there was no question as to the action to take, since "OK" was the only choice. Sadly, after clicking on the OK button ten or so times, Revit crashed and burned.

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Fernando Oliveira said...

Strange situation, did you install SP2 to Revit 2010? the sttings are well tuned to your machines? those kind of error´s where current before installing SP1 and SP2 (by the way, SP3 is available in Subscrition Center) and in some XP machines with "Use Hardware Acelerator" on.