September 05, 2008

AU Online Newsletter

Even if, like me, you will not be attending AU this year, you can still bennefit from the event and its year-round, 24/7 component, AU Online. You may be aware of AU Online from a previous blog post or because you have attended a recent AU and joined as part of the registration procedure. Becoming a registered member at the site gives you access to the class handouts from 2006 and 2007. If you are on Subscription for your Autodesk product, and you register for AU Online through the Subscription site, you should also have access to the most recent year's screencasts (a recording of what was shown on the screen at the session, plus audio of the presentation) of sessions that were recorded. Attendees of the last AU should also have access to that year's screencasts.

If you are not yet a member, or if you are, but chose not to receive the quarterly newsletter, I would urge you to join now or edit your profile and, on the Basic Profile tab, check the toggle to subscribe to the quarterly newsletter. Previous newsletters have been mostly focused on announcing times, dates and tips for the next AU, but I am told that starting with this month's newsletter, there will also be technical content included. So sign up and then look forward to the next newsletter.

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