December 24, 2007

AB114-4 Class Materials and Webcast

UPDATE: Autodesk has decided to drop hosting of "old" AU content, but AUGI has stepped in and is hosting the content from Autodesk University 2000 through 2007 and is making it available to all members, including those at the "free" level (current as of 11/01/2013). My class can be found here: Forum > English Forums > Conferences > Autodesk > Autodesk University 2007 > Building Design > AB114-4: Get Fully Equipped in AutoCAD® Architecture. There is a ZIP file you can download which includes the class handout and the sample files that were previously available at the Autodesk site. The screencast is not available.

If you were not lucky enough to attend Autodesk University 2007, like those below who attended my Equipment Schedule class, you can still benefit from the session handouts and, for many classes, additional materials and screencasts of the presentations that were made.
If you are not already a registered user of the Autodesk University website, your first step will be to register and set up a login and password, on the Join page. If you have already registered or attended AU 2006 or 2007, you can login on the Login page. Login and/or Join links occur in the upper right corner of the various Autodesk University website pages, also.
Once you have logged in, click on the Sessions link,and then use the Search Sessions area to help you find the session and session materials you want. For example, to find my session, set the year to 2007 and the Speaker to "David Koch".Click on the Search button and a list of the sessions that meets the criteria you set will be displayed. In this case, that would be just one session, AB114-4.Click on the Session Name / Track link to go to a page that has details about the session, and links to the available handout, sample files and screencast. The screencast consists of the audio part of the presentation along with what was projected on the screen during the session. This year, you can also choose to download a screencast, in addition to streaming it.

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