January 10, 2005

Styles and Other ADT Content

You can find sample content files created by fellow users on the United States Autodesk website in the Data & Downloads-Styles area of the Autodesk Architectural Desktop section. There are quite a few item there, including contributions by names familiar to anyone who participates in the ADT Discussion Groups.

Speaking of which, you can also find content on the Discussion Groups, too. Some posts in the release-specific groups include example files illustrating a problem and return posts indicating a solution. There is also a Discussion Group dedicated to posting completed sample content files for sharing with others, the Autodesk Architectural Desktop Content Discussion Group.

Even if you can not use these content files directly, they may inspire you to create your own content and help you create it. The next time you need to create content of your own, search these two locations to see if someone has posted something you can use or adapt.

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