April 24, 2024

Revit: Moving a Grid Line with Disjoin Checked (Don't Do It)

Made a discovery today, related to the previous post regarding moving items with Disjoin checked. Once again, I failed to notice that was checked. This time I was experimenting with Copy/Monitor. I set up a structural model with some Grids. I cross-linked the structural and architectural models, and Copy/Monitored the structural grids in the architectural model, from the structural link. Then I moved one of the Grids 2'-0" perpendicular to its length and synchronized the change.

Back in the architectural model, I reloaded the structural link and, as expected, was told that there was a Coordination Review for a link. I ran the Coordination Review for the structural link, and, unexpectedly, was told that an element was deleted (not moved!). This was confusing, because I could see the grid line from the structural link; it was there. I did it all again, with the same results. I decided that since it was after 5:00 pm, I would save my models and try again tomorrow. I went to move the grid in the structrual model back to its original spot so I would be ready to roll tomorrow, when I finally noticed that the Disjoin toggle was checked on the Options bar. Remembering my previous problems with moving Views on a Sheet, I cancelled the command and checked the Revit ID number of the Grid. Then I moved it, with Disjoin still checked, and checked the ID number again. It was different!

So it turned out to be operator error (or, more accurately, operator ignorance), rather than a glaring bug. I am willing to own that; in fact, I am glad that is the case because I can fix operator error/ignorance. And I am glad that I figured the issue out in far less time than the previous one took. I just have to get myself to check the Disjoin toggle whenever I use the Move tool, because Move + Disjoin = Copy + Delete Orginal.

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