April 05, 2022

ACA: Deployment for ACA 2022 - Cannot Remove Custom Profile

Finally had some time to start preparing for the creation of a deployment for AutoCAD Architecture 2022. This is the first deployment for an AutoCAD-based product that I will be creating on the new, web-based system, as we typically only deploy every other year. I worked my way through the limited options under Customizations and came to the last section, Custom Profile. We have multiple custom profiles, one for each discipline, and did not try to include those in the deployment previously. I wanted to see if more than one could be added. I exported profiles to two test ARG files, and added one of them, then tried to add the other.

I quickly found that you can only add one; attempting to add another replaces the first one with the second one. All well and fine; all of the text related to custom profile is singular. What prompted this blog post, as a note to my future self, is the fact that there does not appear to be a way to remove a custom profile once you add one. So it looks like I will be trashing what I have done so far and starting over.

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