February 17, 2017

ACA: Wall Cleanup Tip

Here is an additional Wall Cleanup tip, for a condition that comes up just infrequently enough that I forget to check for this up front. If you have a "base" drawing file (Construct or Element for those of you using Project Navigator and the Drawing Management system) in which the Walls all clean up just fine and also have a "host" drawing file into which that base drawing is externally referenced, in which all (or nearly all) of the Walls from that external reference are showing cleanup errors, the first thing to check is whether or not you have two or more instances of the external reference, all on top of each other. If the Wall Cleanup Group(s) assigned to the Walls in the base drawing allow for cleanup between host and xref drawings (check the Design Rules tab of the Wall Cleanup Group Definition), then the Walls will all be trying to cleanup with the "same" Wall in the other instance(s), generating the cleanup errors. Remove all but one instance of the externally referenced file to eliminate the duplicates and you will likely see your cleanup problems go away.

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