November 21, 2015

ACA: Unexpected Thawing and Turning On of Layers

If you are using AutoCAD® Architecture 2015 and 2016, you place AEC Objects on layers other than the layer associated with the default Layer Key for that object type and you have occasion to turn off and/or freeze the layer associated with that default Layer Key, you may have found that simply selecting one of the objects on one of the other layers will result in the layer associated with the default Layer Key being turned on and thawed. This makes it difficult to work with just the items on the "other" layers. One situation where this would be desirable is on a renovation project, where you have the existing-to-remain, existing-to-be-demolished and new construction objects all in the same file, and you want to view and edit the demolition plan. To do so, you would turn off and/or freeze the new construction layers, and would not expect these to turn back on and thaw just because you select an item on the existing-to-remain or existing-to-be-demolished layers.

For example, you may have a file where the WALL layer key is associated with a layer named A-Wall-N, on which new construction Walls are placed. A layer named A-Wall-E is used for existing-to-remain Walls, and existing-to-be-demolished Walls are placed on a layer named A-Wall-D. As seen in the Screencast below, if the A-Wall-N layer is frozen and turned off, selecting a Wall on the A-Wall-D layer will result in the A-Wall-N layer being turned on and thawed. A REGEN is needed to see this immediately, since the layer had been frozen, but you can also check the Layer Properties Manager to see that the layer has, in fact, been turned on and thawed.

The 2014 release did not exhibit this behavior, as shown in the second half of the Screencast. Note also that if you select multiple object types at one time, only the layer associated with the default Layer Key of the first object type selected will be turned on/thawed.


Nathan Ellery said...

Ah Dang! I got all excited David because I thought you were posting a solution.

I use aecSpaces for paving, tiling etc and walls for cabinets so this problem is constantly torturing me. The team know about it, have responded but don't seem to be able to fix it for some reason. Maybe they just think they have fixed it although I have talked to B about it. I'll post responses here in case they are of use to someone else.

This is what the team told me and was told it was fixed but I am now using 16 and it hasn't. I assume it was not quite the issue they thought it was. (David I hope you know whether this should be posted as some of it is beta discussion??)

"Thank you Nathan - I believe that this is related to the display of the "Search..." button with object graphics in the 2015 release. I know there has been a defect logged, which I thought was addressed in one of the 2015 SPs. But it may not correct the specific situation you encounter, which is slightly different from the original issue.

I don’t remember the timing, but we have implemented the ability to turn off that sample object. It’s certainly in the MEP preview build just posted.

I’ll get someone to look into this more and log an additional defect if needed."

"The Layer issue has been fixed in this release in build A021. The Alpha build you are using is probably A016.100. So you can still see the defect there. The Defect that you had logged has been fixed, and will be available in the latest Beta build for MEP. You will have to install the build and configure it to install the ACA Profile in the latest beta build.

Most frustrating especially because I have all levels in the one drawing, so Site-Area, Site-Paving, 1-Tiling, 1-Floor, 2-Tiling, 2-Floor all turn on (any layer with a space) if I select any space.


Unknown said...

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