February 09, 2015


This issue came up at the office the other week, and I figured that I could use a reminder on the "power" of the PICKFIRST System Variable in AutoCAD® Architecture and MEP.

Setting PICKFIRST to 1 (or, in the Options dialog, on the Selection tab, in the Selection modes area, checking the Noun/verb selection toggle) enables you to pick objects [nouns] first, and then indicate the action or command [verbs] you want to apply to them. Enabling PICKFIRST also allows the following:
  • Double-clicking objects and having the double-click action take effect, such as double-clicking on Mtext or Text and entering the associated text editor.
  • Selecting objects and pressing the DELETE key to erase.
  • Selecting AEC objects, right-clicking and getting AEC Commands related to the selected object in the context menu. In the image below, with time-sensitive right click turned off, you can see the differences in the context menus pressented with PICKFIRST set to 1 and 0.

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