January 03, 2015

Autodesk Application Manager - Update README

Perhaps unlike many, I prefer to look through the README that generally accompanies updates to the Autodesk products I use. These are usually available from a link on the same webpage from which the update is downloaded. With the introduction of the Autodesk® Application Manager, access to updates is made easier (at least for an individual user) and often earlier than on the Autodesk website. I was initially disappointed that there was not a link to the README available in the Application Manager. It turns out I just did not know where to look (and the fact that the link to the README does not include "README" in the link label made it somewhat less discoverable). This brief Screencast shows how to expose the "Details" (a brief description) of an update, as well as the View Details link to the README.

My other reservation was not having the update file for later use, if necessary. Those do get downloaded and saved to your computer; you can find (and, if you like, customize) the location where the updates are saved by selecting the Settings tool in the upper right corner of the Application Manager, and then selecting the Files tab. The Local Files Location specifies where the folder under which updates are stored. Look at the edit box to see the current location or click on the ellipsis (...) button to open a dialog to see the current location and, if desired, navigate to a new one.

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