March 25, 2012

Revit - Wall Type Edit Tip

This may be old news to more experienced Revit hands, but I discovered this today and thought I would document it for future reference. When editing a Wall Type in the Type Properties dialog, if you make changes to either or both of the "Coarse Scale" parameters under the Graphics category...
...and then decide you want to review the Wall's Structure by clicking on the Construction > Structure parameter's Edit button, be aware that if you click on the OK button in the Edit Assembly dialog (whether or not you make any changes)...
...your "Coarse Scale" parameter edits may get lost.

I say "may", because I found at least one circumstance under which it did not result in a deletion: if I click the Edit button and then choose the Cancel button to exit the Edit Assembly dialog, I can then click the Edit button again and if I choose the OK, the "Coarse Scale" parameter edits will be preserved. There may be other sequences that do not result in the loss of the "Coarse Scale" parameter edits. Edits to items under Identity Data do not seem to get lost like the "Coarse Scale" parameter edits do.

If you are certain you want to keep your "Coarse Scale" parameter edits, then the safe thing to do before pressing the Structure parameter Edit button is to use the Apply button in the Type Properties dialog. Doing so registers all edits up to that point in the Revit model and "Coarse Scale" parameter edits will not get lost when editing the Structure and choosing OK to dismiss the Edit Assembly dialog. Of course, if you do select the Apply button, you will not be able to discard any previous edits by choosing Cancel to exit the Type Properties dialog. So make certain you really want to keep all of the edits made before selecting the Apply button.

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