February 20, 2012

Deleting Views in Revit

A reminder to myself (and a tip to anyone else who has not run into this yet): A View that has a revision cloud for a revision sequence that has been marked as "issued" cannot be deleted, as that would change the revision. Assuming that the revision clouds are "incidental", you have to temporarily uncheck the box in the Issued column of the Sheet Issues/Revisions dialog for the revision sequence(s) associated with revision clouds in that View.

In my case, a view for exporting a plan view to CAD was created as a duplicate with detailing, from a view which already had revisions clouds from issued revisions. Duplicate with detailing was chosen because we wanted to include the room tags, and the revision clouds were never removed from the duplicated view. I now want to delete the view completely. It is not necessary to clear the check mark in the Issued column, turn on the display of clouds and tags and delete the revision clouds; simply making the relevant revision sequences unissued is enough to be able to delete the view. Be sure to change the revisions back to "issued" when you are done.

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