June 07, 2008

InputHistoryMode System Variable

I do a lot of keyboarding when using ADT/ACD-A, and I have grown quite used to using the up and down arrows to scroll through previously keyed in data. Unfortunately, I always forget which system variable controls this, and what setting I need to get what I want.

After a long search in the Help and on the Discussion Groups, I finally found the system variable in the Help - INPUTHISTORYMODE - and armed with that, found an old post of mine that contained the setting I prefer. I find the descriptions in the Help of the various bit settings somewhat misleading, as what I want to enable is the ability to get previous input with the up and down arrows (which the Help implies is enabled by the one bit) and get rid of the useless-to-me display of previous coordinates (which the Help implies is enabled by the eight bit). The default setting, 15, has all bits enabled, and you get the tiresome coordinates, instead of previously typed input. Clearing the eight bit, which is what I would have expected would do the trick, does not; clearing the one bit does, so my preferred value for this variable is 14.

I am making this post to my blog to make finding this information easier for me in the future; if it is helpful to others, so much the better.

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Anonymous said...

I also prefer to pull up previously entered values, instead of coordinates. However, I have not found any system variable for inputhistorymode that allows numbers and distances typed in the "floating box" to be displayed on subsequent procedures. It only displays entries from the command line when using the up/down arrows.

Is there another default setting that I need to change in the "floating box" to allow this?

Please advise.