December 06, 2004

Learning From Las Vegas

I returned home yesterday, after an exhilarating week of Autodesk University and an extended weekend stay in Las Vegas. I enjoyed the opportunity to meet with and learn from many with whom I otherwise only have contact in the Autodesk Architectural Desktop Discussion Groups.

My only minor disappointment was the lack of intermediate to advanced level courses. I took a few classes that dealt with customizations involving programming that were a bit over my head, but most of the ADT classes were targeted primarily at the novice user. I fully understand the need to appeal to as broad an audience as possible - if insufficient numbers sign up for a class, it may be cancelled or, at the least, not be considered for the following year - but if return visits to Autodesk University are to be encouraged, there need to be courses that will engage the intermediate to advanced user, too.

I will try to find time to post gems from the courses I took, once I get caught up at work and at home.

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